“When I first met Lucy, I was a total mess, on a slippery slope to losing my job and destroying my life. I’d tried a few therapists and different therapies but nothing & no one was working for me.  Before I met Lucy I thought therapists were ‘old soft people in knitted jumpers who think everything is rosy in the world and you just have to believe in it!!!‘ (Thankfully, it was not the case this time!)

I was angry and mad at the world and everyone in it. I’d had huge trauma after trauma from both my personal and professional life. I didn’t understand what was happening to me and the PTSD had taken over every part of my life, I was ready to end everything.

Learning to trust someone, especially a Therapist was something I thought I would never do, but somehow it happened this time, and I was able to look at the very bad things that haunted me.

The EMDR therapy meant that I didn’t have to talk at length about them… just be brave enough to bring the memories up, and she guided me through the rest.

I began to break the traumas down, and somehow trust her confidence to share things that I’d never spoken of to anyone.  It just felt safe to do it, Safe was a feeling I’ve never had before, ever.

I’m so glad I decided to open ‘My can of worms’ , it’s been hard work, but I know I would not be here today if it was not for Lucy’s kindness, patience, hard work, commitment, and extreme confidentiality. It makes for a successful and professional therapy.

Even when my symptoms play up, I have the knowledge and the ability to work through them, so I can now enjoy things in life I never dreamt I would be able to do again. Lucy and the treatment saved my life and taught me how to live in a better one.

Thank You.

An Anonymous Firefighter. 


“After countless bouts of therapy throughout my teens and early twenties, I was beginning to lose hope in my recovery and journey to sound mental health. Right before I decided to stop searching for a therapist, I was fortunate enough to have been acquainted with Lucy.

Once I had met her, I realised that before I had never been truly listened to, understood, or empathised with. Lucy’s approach not only encompasses the above, but she equipped me with effective and practical mechanisms that I can adopt in my everyday life going forward. I can carry these new coping strategies with me, and continue therapy even after I have left her room. I will always be grateful to her; she has, undoubtedly, shown me that I can not only achieve a sound state of mind, but a happy one.”



“I wanted to thank you for all your help this year. You have been nothing short of amazing. Your guidance, wisdom, empathy and compassion has shown me that people care, life can be good and worthwhile.

The only problem with having the best therapist is that no other therapist can ever measure up.

Once again, thank you (x 1000,000)”

Ms L